Fridays in the Summer seem to beg for Rum… especially when the temperature and humidity are high.

There are too many variations of “El Presidente” cocktails to even begin to classify any as “classic.” The one common thread between them all is Rum.

Otherwise, the variations are limitless.

I focused in on a recipe that caught my eye because of the juxtaposition of Cointreau and Dry Vermouth. It struck me that this variation would be more balanced than many of the other options.

The recipe specifically called for Grander Rum, an 8-year-old, Bourbon cask-aged spirit. Not having any Grander, I chose a Special Reserve Appleton from Jamaica.

Overall, the cocktail is quite refreshing and very well balanced. The Cointreau lends a lovely orange blossom flavor to the drink, and the Dolin Dry Vermouth keeps the sweetness in check. Quite a happy camper am I…

My friends, I present the Panama Presidente Cocktail:

2oz. Rum (8 year-old, cask aged)

3/4oz. Cointreau

3/4oz. Dry Vermouth

1/4oz. Pure Cane Syrup

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a coup glass. Garnish with either an orange or lemon peel.