Surveys have indicated that over 80% of wines and spirits are purchased because of the label. The Australians created an entire market of wines with cute and / or provocative labels and sold millions of cases in the process.

Well, even the strongest may falter, which was the case when I found Douglas Laing and Co.’s Timorous Beastie. How could I resist with such a cute little mascot on the label? Turns out that while the label piqued my interest, the whisky inside is quite good!

The Timorous Beastie is a vatted malt, presumably a blend of some very fine Scotch: Dalmore, Glengoyne, and Glen Garioch, which is non cold-filtered and bottled at almost 50% alcohol by volume.

Initially spicy on the palate with floral and vanilla notes on the finish. A bit of heat from the alcohol, but overall a smooth and well-balanced dram. There is a lush mouth-feel to the spirit which adds a distinct seductive character.

The name of the Whisky pays homage to Robbie Burns’ timid, little field mouse from his famous poem, “To a Mouse.”

Infinitely drinkable and definitely worth pondering!