Last week I posted about the Shackleton Scotch Malt Whisky, produced as the third iteration in celebration of the 1907 Antarctic Voyage by Ernest Shackleton.

Always the inquisitive one, I went on a search for any of the previous bottles and after scouring the Internet, I found a bottle of the second iteration… the “Journey.”

The Journey is another vatted malt, blended more closely to the actual recipe for the 1907 Whisky. Like the original blend, according to some sources, the Journey is impactful – full-bodied but smooth with layers of complex flavors – vanilla, allspice, char and lemongrass. A very long finish leaves a smile on one’s face.

The only problem? The Journey is all but gone and unlike the most recent Shackleton bottling, it is not cheap.

I found my bottle at The Whisky Exchange, which can legally ship to MA…

Certainly worthy of consideration if you enjoy rare malts…