I used to head into Belmont religiously to have my older cars serviced. As my cars became newer models, and after we left Somerville, it became less convenient to make the trek. I still head back, at least twice a year, though, to have the tires changed (summer -> winter and back again) and when I do, I make my pilgrimage back to Aram’s Café (’s+cafe+Belmont)…

It’s no secret. If you have been reading my blog then you know my feelings about breakfast (and many other things, as well). So, an opportunity to savor authentic home-cooked, ethnically-oriented breakfast food will not be missed.

Aram’s is exactly that opportunity. I usually visit early… like, “I’m the second guy in the door early…” Never crowded at that time, but I imagine it could get quite busy. The space is small – a counter that seats about ten and another four four-person booths – that’s it. Cooking is done right before your eyes, with only a few prep activities taking place in a back-kitchen area. Family run – I’ve only met the patriarch himself – a sixty-eight-year-old first generation Armenian who reminds me of my late father. You know, older, distinguished, a little out of shape, but in the day, you can tell he was ripped. Engaging and opinionated – don’t ask a question if you don’t want to get a lecture… and don’t be surprised if you don’t agree… thing is, Aram really doesn’t care whether you agree… For me, I love the guy… but I’m a bit of a grumpy old fart myself.

The food is great. All home-cooked, all fresh. I always get one of the Armenian omelets – either tomato and soujouk (sausage) or the tomato and basterma (pastrami). Both are wonderful, with exotic flavors that don’t overpower. Served with home fries and toast, they make a filling breakfast that easily carries me through the day. I’ve also had the eggs benedict and can say that Aram makes a mean Hollandaise sauce.


Prices are right, especially for what you get, inclusive of the conversation.

On my last visit, Aram offered that he is thinking of retiring in a few years, turning the daily operation over to his kids… visiting when he wants to help out now and then… I said that sounds like a good plan. We looked at each other and laughed… we both knew that would never happen…