No, I have not supplanted my wine & spirits focus for food… But I thought it would be a nice diversion for my local readers to find a few restaurant reviews amongst the wine and cocktails… When we first arrived in Wrentham we tried this breakfast joint. It was called something different then (17 years ago) and frankly, it wasn’t very good. Recently, we were in the area and decidedly hungry so we figured we would give the rebooted version another try. The Breakfast Nook turned out to be quite good.



I was pleasantly surprised to find SOS on the menu, either over toast or biscuits, so I had to try it. The creamed chip beef was excellent, not too salty and with just the correct amount of spiciness. I should have opted for the toast, as the biscuits were a little too moist and were more like dough sinkers. Overall, I was quite happy. Because the picture of the SOS on the menu looked skimpy, I also asked for a pair of fried eggs and home fries – both excellent, but both unnecessary.



The French Toast was good, although they would have benefited from more vanilla in the batter and little more cinnamon on the side. The Maple-cured Sausage was excellent with a deep, rich flavor.

Coffee, like cocktails, becomes a benchmark upon which I measure “diners” and The Breakfast Nook coffee was superb. Rich, full-flavored with nutty hints and no bitterness.

Although off the beaten path for us, we will be making return visits when my hankering for SOS arises, which is probably going to be too often, in spite of my need to curb my waistline!