Back in May of 2013 we had the fifth installment of our version of the Judgement of Paris:

As predicted in that post, we conducted match-up number six and have the following to report.

The sixth installment took place on November 14, 2015, matching a comparable set of eight wines. The results were as follows:

By Wine
Wine 1st 2nd 3rd Total
(3 pts) (2 pts) (1 pt)
1986 Silverado Vineyards 2 3 1 13 pts
1986 Forman 1 0 3 6 pts
1987 Mondavi Reserve 1 1 0 5 pts
1985 Caymus Special Select 3 0 1 10 pts
1986 D’Angludet 0 2 0 4 pts
1989 Cos Laboury 3 4 1 18 pts
1989 Grand Mayne 2 2 2 12 pts
1982 Haut Batailley 5 1 2 19 pts
By Region
Napa Valley 34 pts
Bordeaux 53 pts

Well, as you can see, France took the prize this time around fairly handily.

So after six installments, the results stack up as follows:

France’s lead is back to 4 – 2 in overall wins. Point-wise the French have 202 points to Napa’s 174 points, a widening margin.

A few observations are in order… In this installment, the wines were from closer vintages, which definitely helped the French. The US wines were all very good, but showed their age. On the contrary, the French wines were drinking marvelously – mature but not tired – vibrant with layers of complexity.

The US wines included a Wine Spectator 100-point wine – the 1985 Caymus Special Select and while it garnered a handful of first place votes, the wine was decidedly average.


One of the most touted, or should I say “hyped” vintages is represented with the 1982 Haut Batailley – Robert Parker was made famous by this vintage and interestingly, he did not think much of this wine. He last tasted the wine in 1995 and felt that it might last another 7 – 8 years. Our results suggest that the predictability of aging potential is still more art than science… For me personally, I was thrilled with the quality of the two 1989 Bordeaux wines – both were from the first futures I ever bought!


Where does it go from here? Well if history repeats itself, I imagine a seventh match-up in 2017, either in April, or October…

Should be fun, as usual!