We have scheduled our 2014 Wine Tasting Events and the line up looks pretty exciting, if we do say so ourselves!

Wines of Italy – 3/29/14 – $50 per person

Italy, a country synonymous with winemaking, consistently produces the most wine of any other winemaking country in the world. Think of Italy and one thinks of fine food and lots and lots of wine. Sometimes known for its lower quality “straw basket” Chianti wines of the 1970’s and 1980’s, Italy has emerged over the last few decades as a producer of high quality, oftentimes high-value wines. The combination of superb recent vintages, improved viticulture and improved winemaking techniques has elevated Italy to new heights. At this event we will taste several wines from a wide variety of regions within Italy, showcasing the renewed quality and value that is now defining Italian wine.

Wines of Burgundy – 4/26/14 – $75 per person

Burgundy, like Bordeaux is a classic wine region with a long-standing tradition of fine wine production. Unlike Bordeaux, the wines of Burgundy are not as well-known, largely because the complicated arrangement of appellations and vineyard ownership. Home to Pinot Noir (red wines) and Chardonnay (white wines), Burgundian wines can be magical and remain the benchmarks by which other Pinot Noir and Chardonnay producers measure their success. At this event we will taste several wines from the key regions in Burgundy.

Wines of South Africa – 5/31/14 – $50 per person

It has been several years since we last studied South African wines. In that time, South African wines have continued to flourish, improving and maturing into to true World-class competitors. For the uninitiated, South Africa has a long and prestigious wine making history, which was derailed for a time during the brutal period of apartheid, but which has since rebounded in recent years. At this event we will taste several wines from the many regions of South Africa, each underscoring the great diversity that is South Africa.

Summer Sippers – 6/21/14 – $50 per person

Summer is a time for easy drinking, high-value wines that require very little thought or demand even less contemplation. The wines of summer should be light and refreshing, pairing well with the usually light repasts or foods from the grill. At this event we will examine several wines, both white and red that are light, refreshing and represent good value.

Wines of Bordeaux – 9/13/14 – $50 per person

Bordeaux is perhaps the best known wine region in the world, with elegant, age worthy wines celebrated, and imitated across the globe. At this event we will enjoy several wines from the Bordeaux region, each one selected to underscore the taste and quality of the area.

Art of the Cocktail – 10/18/14 – $50 per person

It is believed that the cocktail was invented in the US sometime early in the 19th century.  Largely thought of as the sporting crowd’s answer to fruit laden punches of the day, the classic cocktail has little in common with today’s Slippery Nipple.  The classic cocktail is little more than spirits, bitters, sometimes a mixer and sometimes ice, but in the correct combinations, these elements can yield “a quite serviceable concoction.” At this event we will practice the art of mixing the classic cocktail – from the Sidecar to the Old Fashioned.

Wines of California – 11/15/14 – $50 per person

I have yet to dedicate an entire class to the wines of California, so this event is probably long overdue. California is the largest wine producing region the US, holding a commanding lead over every other contender in the market. The blessings of near perfect climate, along with the unique geography that promotes the growing of the vine almost gives California an unfair advantage when it comes to making wine. That said, sometimes these riches are squandered with the result being wines lacking both distinction and value. However, when California gets it right, their wines are among the best in the World. At this event we will taste several wines from California, showcasing many of the well-known and not-so-well-known regions. We will also taste some “older” bottles to help confirm, or debunk the proposition that Californian wines don’t age well.

Champagne – 12/13/14 – $100 per person

Holiday celebrations would somehow be diminished without the inclusion of fine Champagne. In the past, we’ve looked at the overall category of sparkling wines, all very nice. However, sometimes there is nothing like the real thing to set one’s heart aflutter. At this tasting we will sample several wines from Champagne, including many vintage and tête du cuvee bottles.

All of our events are held in Wrentham, Massachusetts and they fill up very quickly!

Make sure to make your reservation now – contact us through our web site: Musings On The Vine