There is nothing as pleasing as really good Riesling, especially really good German Riesling. For many, German Riesling is an untapped treasure, largely a result of having had too many bottles of Blue Nun or Black Tower Liebfraumilchs. Ouch.

To me, German Riesling is all about balance and subtly. The interplay between acidity and fruit with hints of lemon, floral and stone are what make German Riesling so alluring. Weingut Leitz is a small, family run winery located in Germany’s Rheingau region. The winery’s website ( claims a link back to winemaking in 1744, although the current operation dates back to 1985 when Johannes Leitz took over the winery. Johannes is credited with being German winemaker of the year in 2011 and his Dragonstone Riesling clearly showcases his talent.


My tasting note:

Citrus nose with slate, beeswax and petrol hints. Medium-bodied with firm acidity – well balanced. Lemon, apple and honeysuckle on the palate. Classic profile. Moderate length – crisp and refreshing finish – lovely. Drinking well now – not for aging.

At an average bottle price of $17.99 before the discount, this wine is a respectable value.