My friends say it’s obsession… I call it passion… Last week I began a quest to better understand the class of spirit known as amari, or Italian bitters… Well, I managed to find the Holy Grail of amari – Barolo Chinato. A simply wonderful combination of DOCG Barolo wine with an infusion of herbs, quinine and spirit – simply wonderful! And what better way to start the weekend than with a special cocktail – The Darkside:

2-1/2 oz. of Plymouth Gin (London Dry will work)

1 oz. Barolo Chinato

3 dashed Peychaud Bitters

lime twist and star anise garnish

Shake the ingredients with crushed ice until the ice cold (30 seconds) and strain into a cocktail glass – Yummy!

(Originally posted on Facebook: July 1, 2011)