For a brief period of time, I called Middleboro, MA home… It was between Jr. High and College. During this time, I found a dentist and an eye doctor, both of which I maintain to this day. Having regular appointments brings me back to Middleboro a few times a year and you guessed it, the visits are usually timed around breakfast. Shocking, I know.

On one such visit, I stopped into a relatively new place (to me, at least), called Nellie Rose ( Located in the space formerly known as the Flatiron Café, the restaurant has ample space for entertaining. On these quick hits, I always opt for counter service, when available. Turns out that the original, sister location is in Whitman, in case that location is more convenient.

When I’m in a new restaurant for breakfast, there are certain go-to test items that I almost always try to order. Coffee, obviously can be a deal breaker. Toast is a good measure of quality, as are any other baked goods that the restaurant claims to make on premise. Corned-beef hash is a critical yardstick, especially if the joint claims to make theirs from scratch. You get the idea…

Well, I’m happy to report that Nellie Rose passed on all accounts! First off, the coffee was great – full-bodied and flavorful without being over-roasted or bitter. A nice added touch – the server placed a small plate with four small pieces of various muffins beside the coffee. Apparently, Nellie Rose make their own muffins and they give each customer a little taste, almost an amuse bouche of muffins… They were great and had I been in a muffin mood, I would have ordered one to go. I ordered the Nellie Rose Favorite – basically two eggs, home fries, hash (homemade) and toast. What more could I ask for? Nothing, really. The hash was clearly homemade and hit the spot – rich and flavorful without being greasy. Home fries were good – crisp and moist. Toast was spot on – they offer raisin bread, which I love and which they lightly buttered. By the way, raisin toast is the perfect accompaniment to corned-beef hash… must be an Irish-thing.


Overall, not a single complaint.

Service was excellent. Attentive, friendly and fast.

I enjoyed Nellie Rose so much, I’m actually looking for an excuse to go back before my next appointment…