Veritas, Latin for “truth,” this cocktail is similarly known as truth serum. Not sure why. The ingredients are not particularly spirituous, nor does the cocktail possess a “kicker” of sorts (like a Zombie, for instance). I assume that the connotation of truth serum arises from the pleasing balance of the drink – Light, refreshing with a crisp, tart finish. Another nice feature of the drink is the subtle berry-like sweetness added by the Crème de Cassis. Because the liqueur is floated on the cocktail, the flavor is detected in a light, whispering way, like a gentle lover’s coo. Visually the cocktail is one of the prettiest drinks, the contrast between the milky opaque body and the dark, crimson float looking like a lovely long stem rose nestled amongst a sea of white carnations. Not sure of the origins of the cocktail, but its construction seems like a classic, pre-prohibition libation…

Ladies and gentlemen, I present The Veritas:

¾ oz. Dry Gin

¾ oz. Cointreau

¾ oz. fresh lime juice

¼ oz. Creme de Cassis

Combine the first three ingredients and shake vigorously with crushed ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and float the Crème de Cassis on the cocktail. The classic garnish is a lemon peel, but I choose to use a Luxardo Maraschino cherry for greater visual impact.