“Shoulder” seasons demand “shoulder” cocktails and I am willing myself into spring, despite the unseasonably cold temperatures and generally inclement weather pattern these last few weeks.

That said, nothing says “shoulder” cocktail better than spiced rum… Yes, typically rum is a summer/southern climes kind of spirit, but when combined with the correct ingredients it works in non-summery seasons.

Pray tell, what would those ingredients be? How about Domaine Canton (ginger liqueur) and traditional Framboise (raspberry liqueur)… So I wish I could claim this cocktail as my own, but alas the clever folks at SpiritedLA (http://spiritedla.tumblr.com/) are the originators. I also wish it had a great, classic story…perhaps it will 100 years from now…

At any rate, on first blush the cocktail does seem like it could be too sweet, but the choice of liqueurs, both of which have a natural tartness to their characters, tempers what could be a cloying, sickening mess. I may choose to experiment with a spoonful of lemon juice, as well – nothing like bench testing to ease oneself into the weekend…


The Lyndhurst

.75oz Domaine de Canton

.75oz Framboise

1.5oz Dark Spiced Rum

3 dashes Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters

Combine with crushed ice in a shaker, mix and strain into a cocktail glass rimmed with honey, ginger and raw sugar – garnish with a Luxardo cherry.