I am always open to new experiences… This is how one learns, grows and finds maximum enjoyment in the limited time we have on this good earth…

So, a while back I took Facebook’s advice and “liked” a certain page: Art in the Age… It seemed interesting… From their “About” page:

Creators of organic artisan spirits: ROOT, SNAP, RHUBARB, SAGE.
Boutique/gallery space in Philadelphia, PA
In this troubling epoch of industrial commodification, standardization of reproduction, and fomentation of a society of shallow spectacle, Art In The Age issues a challenge and rally cry. We fight fire with fire, subsuming the onslaught of watered down facsimiles and inaccessible displays with thought-provoking products of real cultural capital.

Every so often a news feed post would pop-up… Otherwise, I didn’t really pay too much attention…

Then, I’m out poking around a local spirits shop and lo-and-behold, there on the shelf is a bottle of Art in the Age Root (http://www.artintheage.com/spirits-landing/root/)… Looks quite interesting… Billed as a “certified organic neutral spirit with North American herbs and pure cane sugar.” Brown, like molasses with a very enticing ingredients list: Birch Bark, Smoked Black Tea, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Clove, Allspice, Orange, Lemon, Nutmeg, Anise, and Cardamom. Huh…

Digging further, the story evolves… “This rustic spirit was inspired by a potent 18th century Pennsylvanian folk recipe. It is an alcoholic version of what eventually evolved into Birch or Root Beer.”

So, I’m hooked… bought a bottle, poured a small glass and was quite amused… The taste was like a high-end, artisanal root beer with an adult kick. At 80 proof,  the power is masked by the far out blend of layered flavors. The bottle came with a little booklet of Root Cocktails… Haven’t tried any, yet…

Overall, I’m impressed and can’t wait to try the other spirits in the collection. If you’re into supporting local, artisanal product that is natural and off the beaten path, then search out these libations!