I think it was fifteen years ago that I first tasted Rias Baixas Albariño and I am as taken with the wine today as I was fifteen years ago. Most folks are familiar with the Martin Codax Burgans, or the Paso Señorans bottling – both perennial favorites around our house. So how does one improve on such a simple little quaffer? Drop the price by a few bucks and amp up all the wonderful attributes of Albariño: beautiful, perfumed nose, refreshing palate with a crisp clean finish.

Such is the Valiñas from Ramón Bilbao, a stunning little wine from the northwest of Spain that, after a healthy discount is just a hair over $10! If you are looking for the perfect summer wine, look no further!

My tasting note:

Lively, fresh nose with tropical fruit and floral hints – lovely, perfumed scent. Light-bodied with firm acidity – well balanced. Racy with citrus and tropical fruit notes and a touch of mineral and chalk. Short, clean finish – smooth, clean and refreshing. Not for aging, although with the screw cap, the wine should hold up well. Great value!