Catherine and Jean-Luc Hubert are the owners of a number of properties in Bordeaux, one of which is Château la Grolet, a fully-biodynamic winery that strives to achieve purity and complexity in its wines without compromising the surrounding environment. The vineyard is composed of 38 hectares (92 acres) of primarily clay-laden soil in the Côtes de Bourg. Varietal composition consists of 65% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Malbec, which contributes to the wine’s somewhat tannic character.

At an average per bottle price of $14.99 the wine represents a very good value in a superb vintage for Bordeaux.

My tasting note:

Earthy nose with mineral, menthol and black cherry hints. Medium-bodied with moderate acidity and firm, dry tannin – good balance. Black cherry palate with dark chocolate, anise and stewed black currant notes. Moderate length with a tight, compact finish and a hint of cedar and spice on the aftertaste. Needs a bit of time, perhaps another 2 to 3 years will improve the wine. Good value.